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Dr. Jason Altman

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Miami, Florida 33145

Interview from Benita
What procedure did you have performed?
Benita: Breast Augmentation

Why did you choose to do this procedure?
Benita: I had considered having the surgery since two years ago. I was planning to do it in Columbia where I'm from. But you have to have 30 days without lifting anything. It would have been very difficult to travel with my one year old daughter, because I wouldn't have been able to lift her at all. The travel was also too expensive.

Why did you choose this surgeon?
Benita: We initially had talked to a surgeon downtown but he wasn't board certified. A friend told me about Coral Gables. We went in and met with Dr. Altman. I really liked him because Dr. Altman let my husband participate in the whole process. I also liked the results of his work I had seen on my friends.

What was the approximate total cost?
Benita: $2800

How many times did you meet with the surgeon before surgery day?
Benita: I visited him twice. We wanted to see what the implants were, he also showed me pictures of how I would look with the size I wanted. My husband was very included in all of it. My husband asked a lot of questions.

Describe the day of surgery.
Benita: My surgery was at 6:30 in the morning. I was very nervous. Before I went into surgery, the Dr drew on my chest. By 9:30 in the morning I was already home.

Was this inpatient or outpatient?
Benita: Outpatient. Not given a choice.

Describe any post-operative visits.
Benita: I went there three times so far. The first one was the day right after my surgery. The following was three weeks later where they took off the stitches and bandages. This past week I went again. He said I was able to start exercising again. I had the surgery two months ago.

What was the healing process like?
Benita: I had the procedure done on a Thursday. Thursday and Friday my husband took off work. I didn't feel anything those two days because I was taking muscle relaxers. I took a shower on Saturday, and they hurt after that. They felt very heavy. After the shower I had to blow dry them so they incisions wouldn't stay wet and get infected. After the first three days, I didn't use any prescription pain meds.Only Tylenol. After my second visit back to the doctor I was able to start doing the special exercises and that's it about it.

What is your overall satisfaction with the surgeon?
Benita: I would rate him a 10 on a scale of 1-10. I loved him. He allowed my husband to be very involved. He had done work on my friends and I really liked how his work turned out.

What is your overall satisfaction with the procedure?
Benita: I would recommend the procedure to anybody. It really wasn't that big of a deal. I love the results. I am very satisfied and won't regret it.

Would you recommend this surgeon to a friend?
Benita: Yes, I would recommend the surgeon and the procedure.

What advice would you give to somebody considering this procedure or surgeon?
Benita: Go ahead and research depending on where you are located. If you are in Miami I would recommend my doctor. Research as much as you can. You need to read reviews, find out if they are Board Certified.

What other cosmetic procedures have you had performed?
Benita: No, this is the only one.